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DataBuilder Application Screenshots

This page holds demonstrative eye-candy of the DataBuilder app. Feel free to look around. (Click images to enlarge.)

1. Oct 2005

This image shows DataBuilder with added features of full graphical editing. One can now select properties of entities by clicking on them, relationships show their destination entity name and a line to the destination entity. Cardinality of a relationship is indicated with arrows: a double arrow indicates a to-many relationship a single arrow indicates a to-one relationship. An inverse arrow indicates that there is an inverse relationship to the currently selected one (a double arrow again indicates that the inverse relationship is a to-many relationship).

23. Sep 2005

This image shows DataBuilder designing a simple "road situation" data model. Visible are DataBuilder's hierarchical data model browser at the top of the document window, it's graphical design view in the bottom area (displaying entities of the 'Default' configuration of the data model), and the entities' properties, sorted by name and with attributes indicating their type.

23. Sep 2005

This screenshot shows the same data model with an entity selected and the graphical design view switched into `inheritance view' mode. It displays the entire inheritance hierarchy of the selected entity and allows the user to browse the hierarchy by clicking on the entities or by selecting another entity (and possibly different inheritance hierarchy) from the above browser.